Publications - 2015

  • Campaign to End Loneliness and University of Kent, including EURAGE's Dr Hannah Swift (2015). Hidden citizens: How can we identify the most lonely older adults? Available online.

  • Lamont, R. A., Swift, H. J., & Abrams, D. (2015). A review and meta-analysis of age-based stereotype threat: Negative stereotypes, not facts, do the damage. Psychology and Aging, 30(10), 180-193. doi: 10.1037/a0038586

  • Vauclair, C-M., Marques, S., Lima, M.L., Swift, H.J. Bratt, C., & Abrams, D., (In press). Why does the perception of older people’s status in society vary between countries? The role of societal modernization and employment. Journal of Gerontology B: Psychological & Social Sciences.


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